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After discussing the Vatican's finances, C8 cardinals move onto Curia reform
From 28 to 30 April Francis’ eight cardinal advisors will be discussing the reform of the dicasteries (Author: 16 April 2014)

Bishop Campbell's Blog this week: Entering into the Lord's Passion and Reconciliation Wednesday 
Get the latest from Bishop Campbell's Blog here (Author: 16 April 2014)

'I can't leave my people': Priest killed in Syria hailed as martyr
Days after Dutch priest Fr. Frans van der Lugt S.J. was murdered in Syria, a close young friend recalled his saintly life, noting both his personal holiness and extraordinary advances in Christian-Muslim relations. (Author: 16 April 2014)

Pope Francis wishes Rome's Jewish Community a happy Pesach
Pope Francis has written to the Chief Rabbi of Rome to wish the Eternal City’s Jewish community – and by extension the global community – a happy Pesach, or Passover. (Author: 16 April 2014)

Cardinal Parolin celebrates the memory of the new Christian martyrs
Yesterday Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, led the community in prayer for these men and women who were ready to offer their lives for the Gospel. Also present at the gathering were representatives from the various Churches and Christian commu (Author: 16 April 2014)

Releasing results of family survey would mean defying Pope, says bishops’ conference official
Bishops’ conferences that have released their responses to the family synod questionnaire are defying the Pope’s wishes, the general secretary of the Bishops’ Conference for England and Wales has said (Author: 16 April 2014)

Cardinal Sandri asks for generosity in the collection for the Holy Land
The Catholic Church dedicates the collection on Good Friday to protect the Holy Places, and its population. In particular, it aims to improve the lives of Christians living in the land of Jesus. (Author: 16 April 2014)

Nigerian Archbishop appeals to intl. community to help trace the roots of Boko Haram 
Vatican Radio’s Linda Bordoni spoke to Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos in Plateau State which is also in the North Eastern region of Nigeria (Author: 16 April 2014)

Vatican was not ordered to appear before U.N. committee, spokesman says
The Vatican's scheduled May appearance before a United Nations committee monitoring adherence to an anti-torture treaty is being done willingly and not because church officials were ordered to appear for questioning, the Vatican spokesman said. (Author: 16 April 2014)

Two Orthodox bishops accuse the Pope of heresy
Two Greek Metropolitans, Andrew of Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa and Seraphim of Piraeus and Faliro have written a harsh 89-page letter to the “Head of State of the Vatican City”, asking Rome to renounce its “satanic pride” (Author: 16 April 2014)

The Financial Accounts of the Diocese of Lancaster
Study the accounts here (Author: 16 April 2014)

Video: A Parish Restored 
Another beautifully-produced film - this time about St Peter's Church in Omaha, Nebraska (Author: 16 April 2014)

What to Do About Sex Abuse in the Church?
A topical article (Author: 16 April 2014)

Celebrate the canonization of Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II: free resources for kids
Free electronic resources for kids (Author: 16 April 2014)

An Appeal from Bishop Michael Campbell OSA
An appeal for help from the Bishop of Lancaster (Author: 16 April 2014)

Seminary study requires commitment to constant conversion, pope says
Meeting a group of seminarians who had walked more than 40 miles to see him at the Vatican, Pope Francis told them to give their all to prayer, study and pastoral preparation, or else have the "courage to seek another path." (Author: 15 April 2014)

Be part of ‘RECONCILIATION WEDNESDAY’ – this Holy Week
Be part of ‘RECONCILIATION WEDNESDAY’ – this Holy Week: a special initiative of the Diocese of Lancaster inspired by Pope Francis (Author: 15 April 2014)

21 Reasons To Go To Confession and Why Catholics Confess Sins To Priests
Here are 21 Reasons To Go To Confession (Author: 15 April 2014)

Cardinal Kasper’s new approach to the remarried has shaky historical foundations: moral philosopher
The cardinal’s case is based on a doubtful interpretation of a tiny number of texts (Author: 15 April 2014)

SSPX leader rips Cardinal Kasper's proposal on Communion for divorced/remarried Catholics
The head of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has denounced a proposal by Cardinal Walter Kasper for allowing the reception of Communion by Catholics who are divorced and remarried. (Author: 15 April 2014)

New Bishop of Paisley chooses to live in deprived housing scheme
As Scotland's newest Roman Catholic bishop he could easily have opted for the opulent residence set aside for a man in his position. (Author: 15 April 2014)

What if Francis had been pope in 2005?
The then-Cardinal Bergoglio reportedly came second in the 2005 conclave and is said to have been relieved he wasn’t elected on that occasion (Author: 15 April 2014)

Blossoming religious order in France sees global impact
A missionary order founded in the middle Ages in France is sending their burgeoning number of vocations from Asia and especially South Korea to evangelize countries throughout the world. (Author: 15 April 2014)

Pope Francis is not thinking about a revolution of Vatican finances
Pope Francis is not thinking about a revolution of Vatican finances. It just would not make sense according to this article (Author: 15 April 2014)

Pope appoints Fr Alan Williams SM as the new Bishop of Brentwood
Pope Francis has appointed Father Alan Williams SM, currently the Director of the National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham, as the seventh Bishop of Brentwood. (Author: 14 April 2014)

English fulltext of Pope's off-script homily at Palm Sunday Mass
Video and text here of the Pope's Palm Sunday homily here (Author: 14 April 2014)

Msgr. Guido Marini reconfirmed as Papal MC
Yesterday on the front page of the Holy See’s daily was a note that the Holy Father reconfirmed Msgr. Guido Marini as Master of Ceremonies for another term. (Author: 14 April 2014)

British woman appointed by Pope to head Pontifical Academy
- Pope Francis has appointed Lady Margaret Scotford Archer as president of a group of scholars dedicated to studying issues in the social sciences (Author: 14 April 2014)

‘The Passion of the Christ’ Revisited  
Tom Allen discusses faith and the movies, and Mel Gibson’s cinematic blockbuster, which many Christians have made part of their Holy Week devotions (Author: 14 April 2014)

Talking Point: Should Pope Francis have abandoned the trappings of his office?
Pope Benedict was no less a pontiff of profound personal humility because he wore red shoes and lived in the papal apartments (Author: 14 April 2014)

A Journey through Holy Week: Daily Reflections
Take a journey through Holy Week with the editors of 'America,' featuring reflections by James Martin, S.J., Kerry Weber, Luke Hansen, S.J., Kevin Clarke, Ashley McKinless, Raymond A. Schroth, S.J., and Tim Reidy. (Author: 14 April 2014)

False Accusations of Sexual Abuse Can Leave Lasting Scars
Two recent cases, in the U.S. and Ireland, have highlighted how the Church’s commitment to take all accusations against clergy seriously sometimes injures innocent parties (Author: 14 April 2014)

Are priests happy? A licensed psychologist has the answer
Worldwide there are an estimated 413,000 Catholic priests, which begs the question, what's it really like to be a priest? And most importantly, are they happy? (Author: 13 April 2014)

Canonisation Mass: Broadcast to UK Cinemas Live in 3D on 27 April - details here
Get the details here (Author: 13 April 2014)

John Paul II’s secretary: pontificate was marked by martyrdom
Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz of Krakow, one of Bl. John Paul II’s closest collaborators, said the Pope’s holiness and pontificate were characterized by martyrdom. (Author: 13 April 2014)

Christian unity: a goal common to John XXIII, John Paul II
Both John XXIII and John Paul II, who will be canonized April 27, acted for Church unity and dedicated much of their lives and Magisterium to foster relations among Christian communities. (Author: 13 April 2014)

Reforming the LCWR: Where Does It Stand?
To date, there are no signs of any reforms taking place; rather, a just-released book by the LCWR repeats its criticism of the mandate and presents a defense of the organization (Author: 13 April 2014)

Sure, celibacy is “disciplinary”, but then, so is …
Those pushing for the elimination of clerical celibacy, touting the fact that it is “merely disciplinary”, should advise their audiences that, by the very same token, many other things could be eliminated in the Church as well (Author: 13 April 2014)

Don't believe the hype. The “Jesus’s Wife” fragment is still fake...
This is potentially an 8th or 9th century text that tells us nothing about early Christian history. The probability of modern forgery has not been conclusively eliminated by testing (Author: 13 April 2014)

Spare us the faux outrage over bishops’ houses
All this is putting bishops’ houses under scrutiny: surely small flat should suffice for a humble shepherd? The truth, of course, is a little more complicated. (Author: 13 April 2014)

Cardinal Emmanuel-Karim Delly, retired Chaldean patriarch, dies at 86
Pope Francis praised the dedication of the retired patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Cardinal Emmanuel-Karim Delly, 86, who died Tuesday (Author: 13 April 2014)

Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth's 150-year relationship with Order of Malta ‘to alter’
The relationship between the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London and the Order of Malta “is likely to alter”, the order has said. (Author: 13 April 2014)

Psychologist Reflects on Recently Launched Commission on Protection of Minors (Part 2)
Monsignor Rossetti says Group Can Learn From Some Policies Implemented in United States (Author: 13 April 2014)

Pope Francis calls abortion an ‘abominable crime’ in strongest remarks to date
Human life is “sacred and inviolable” and “every civil law is based on the recognition of the first and most fundamental right, the right to life,” Pope Francis told an Italian pro-life organization today. (Author: 12 April 2014)

Pope apologizes for clerical sex abuse, promises tough sanctions
"I feel called to take responsibility for all the evil some priests -- large in number, but not in proportion to the total -- have committed and to ask forgiveness for the damage they've done with the sexual abuse of children," Pope Francis said (Author: 12 April 2014)

'The devil exists' and doesn't want you to follow Jesus, pope warns
A lot of people, even Catholics, think that talking about the devil is completely old-fashioned, but anyone who wants to follow Jesus needs to know that Satan exists and will keep putting up obstacles to faith, Pope Francis said. (Author: 12 April 2014)

John Paul II Still Inspires Vocations
His namesake seminary in Washington, D.C., dedicates a new wing as the Church prepares for the Polish pope’s canonization (Author: 12 April 2014)

What can Asia expect of upcoming papal visits?
Hector Welgampola says he hopes forthcoming papal visits to Asia will tackle “stalled pastoral issues“. (Author: 12 April 2014)

Will the latest Catholic Mass translation get another overhaul?
A new translation of the Mass has been used in the nation’s Catholic parishes for less than three years, but there are signs that the language — often criticized as stilted and awkward — could be in for another edit. (Author: 12 April 2014)

Catch up with our Diocesan Youth Service this Lent! 
Get the latest news from our Diocesan Youth Service here (Author: 12 April 2014)

Video: Bishop John Keenan tells his Vocation Story
Watch this video (Author: 12 April 2014)

Priests Battle the Pouring Dark of Loneliness through Fraternity
The temptation of loneliness can haunt priests alone at their parishes, but a variety of priestly fraternities are giving them ways of finding community with brother priests to sustain them (Author: 12 April 2014)

Still Looking to offer that Perfect Gift?
Here are some ways to help us in advancing the mission of the Diocese (Author: 12 April 2014)

Psychologist Reflects on Recently Launched Commission on Protection of Minors (Part 1)
Church Has Gospel Mandate to Promote Child Protection, Says Monsignor Stephen Rossetti (Author: 12 April 2014)

Do theology on your knees, Pope tells students at Gregorian University
The study of theology is “fruitful only if it is done with an open mind and on one’s knees,” Pope Francis said in an April 10 address to students at the Gregorian University in Rome. (Author: 11 April 2014)

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk renews the consecration of Ukraine to Our Lady
Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk has renewed the consecration of Ukraine to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Author: 11 April 2014)

Reports of the Conference in Rome on Combating Human Trafficking
Read and watch the reports here (Author: 11 April 2014)

Cardiff Students outraged as union votes to ban pro-life rallies
Muslims, Catholics, Evangelical Christians and pro-abortion students have joined forces to oppose moves to stop pro-life students from demonstrating or protesting on the Cardiff University campus (Author: 11 April 2014)

Catholic convent, Maronite village latest targets of vandals in Israel
A Catholic convent near Jerusalem and a largely Maronite village in Galilee were damaged in recent weeks as a two-year wave of vandalism directed at Christians and Muslims in Israel and the West Bank continued. (Author: 11 April 2014)

Is the Pope considering a blueprint for a highly centralised Roman Curia?
A Vatican watcher gives his opinion and analysis (Author: 11 April 2014)

Moscow patriarch compares Ukrainian protests to Russian Revolution of 1917
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has compared the Euromaidan protest in Ukraine, which led to the resignation of a pro-Russian government, to the Russian Revolution of 1917, (Author: 10 April 2014)

The Pope at the Wednesday Audience: Wisdom is seeing with God’s eyes 
Pope Francis embarked on a new cycle of catechesis this Wednesday, dedicated to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (Author: 10 April 2014)

Argentine Archdiocese Takes Confession to the streets
The local church surprised many residents in the northern Argentine city of Tucuman, when priests from the three main churches, including the archbishop, took to the streets to confess people. (Author: 10 April 2014)

Bishop: Ukrainian Church battling to remain legal in Crimea
A Ukrainian Catholic bishop warned his Church could lose its legal status in Crimea under Russian rule and pledged to use “all possible means in the international arena” to defend it. (Author: 10 April 2014)

CARA Study: Majority of U.S. Clergy Reject the New Roman Missal
According to a landmark national study released today, Catholic clergy and lay parish leaders in the United Stated for the most part do not like the new Roman Missal which was introduced in November 2011. (Author: 10 April 2014)

Pope Francis: laments “brutal killing” of Dutch Jesuit priest in Syria
Pope Francis expressed his profound pain over the “brutal killing” of the Dutch Jesuit Priest Father Frans van der Lugt in Syria and called for an end to the conflict there. His appeal came at the end of his Wednesday general audience (Author: 10 April 2014)

Cardinal Nichols: Francis has helped change England's perception of the Catholic Church
In an interview given before today's conference on human trafficking chaired by Nichols himself, the Archbishop of Westminster speaks about the impact of Pope Francis in England, his concern for the situation of the Christians in the Middle East and more (Author: 10 April 2014)

Meath priest's singing wows wedding guests
A priest has stunned wedding guests at the end of a ceremony with a pitch-perfect version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. (Author: 10 April 2014)

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