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Italian Bishops Push Government to Allow Resumption of Public Masses

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Vatican closes 2019 investigation into case of long-missing Italian teen, Emanuela Orlandi

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FEATURE: Since ‘Man Does Not Live on Physical Bread Alone’, State Allowed Masses to Never Be Interrupted in Latvia (With Restrictions)

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May 2020 Publication : The Catholic Voice of Lanacster

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Pope Francis offers Mass for ‘anonymous’ coronavirus victims

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Monks of Norcia praying with ‘greater intensity’ during coronavirus

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O glorious Joseph!
Who concealed your incomparable and regal dignity of custodian of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary

under the humble appearance of a craftsman and provided for them with your work,

protect with loving power your sons, especially entrusted to you.

You know their anxieties and sufferings, because you yourself experienced them at the side of Jesus and of His Mother.
Do not allow them, oppressed by so many worries, to forget the purpose for which they were created by God.
Do not allow the seeds of distrust to take hold of their immortal souls.
Remind all the workers that in the fields, in factories, in mines, and in scientific laboratories,

they are not working, rejoicing, or suffering alone,

but at their side is Jesus, with Mary, His Mother and ours, to sustain them,

to dry the sweat of their brow, giving value to their toil.
Teach them to turn work into a very high instrument of sanctification as you did.



Experts offer a path to reopening churches, and the sacraments

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Chinese government resumes removal of crosses from church buildings

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Article: Why Our Hearts Burn for the Eucharist

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