Communications is an especially important role in our technological age, where accuracy, speed and responsiveness  is all-important.


There are four main areas of responsibility for Communications in our Diocese of Lancaster:

1. Responding to News Events
The first task is usually a Press Release which will normally be posted for all on the Latest News section of the Diocesan Website:

2. Proactively seeking the media to help us spread the Gospel
Sometimes there will be an event in the Diocese that is worth advertising to the media.

3. Maintaining & Developing the Diocesan Website:
The diocesan website is the responsibility of the Website Administrator. Our regularly updated site gets on average between 14000-15000 hits a day.

4. Using the ‘New’ Media to reach out to people as directly as possible
In the Diocese of Lancaster we are particularly keen to reach out to people in as direct way as possible using social media – Facebook, Twitter and other new media technology. This avoids unnecessary filters from news editors etc.