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Bishop Campbell’s Homily at the Pontifical Mass at English Martyrs, Preston

Read Bishop Campbell’s Homily here.

The Bishop’s Blog: Entrusting the English Martyrs’ church, Preston to the ICKSP

Check out the Bishop’s Blog here.

Brother René Stockman: Why I am fighting euthanasia in our order’s hospitals

TCH has this news here.

Clergy Appointments: September 2017

Bishop Campbell recently announced these clergy appointments here.

62 Clergy & Lay Scholars issue “Filial Correction” to Pope, Against “Propagation of Heresies”: Full Text has this text here.

In Vatican trial, witness calls spending on cardinal’s apartment ‘anomalous’

Crux has this news here.

Expert sees focus under Francis on Latin American martyrs like Romero

Crux has this story here.

Villanova ‘culture warrior’ professor accepts Douthat debate invitation

CNA has this news here.

Ex-Vatican auditor says he was forced out by old guard with ‘frame-job’

Crux has this story here.

Pope Francis: God is calling you to work in his kingdom

CNA has this news here.

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