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England to be re-dedicated as the “Dowry of Mary” amidst coronavirus pandemic

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Mass and services available online in the diocese of Lancaster at…

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Liturgical Decree for the Diocese of Lancaster issued by Bishop Paul Swarbrick

Prayers supplied by the Liturgy Office of the CBCEW used during COVID-19

Perfect Contrition and Spiritual Communion 

Diocesan Lead/Coordinator for the Coronavirus: Canon Paul Embery phone 01229 582205 or 07842660891


Mass and services available on line in the diocese of Lancaster at:

• Our Lady & St Michael, Workington, has a live feed at (enter Workington in the search button)

• Our Lady of Furness, Barrow


CBCEW: Resources for reflection and prayer during Coronavirus

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Despite opposition, abortion is now legal in Northern Ireland

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Pope’s special Urbi et Orbi blessing: full text + video link

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Argentina’s president calls in priests to help prepare slums for COVID-19

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Manchester, U.K: Thousands watch, but only dozens attend episcopal ordinations in England

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How CRS is helping refugees amid coronavirus

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Covid-19: London charity makes drastic adaptations to support vulnerable families

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USCCB liturgy chair: No cell phones for confession, no delegation of sacramental anointing

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