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Erdö: No to communion for remarried divorcees

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Pope Francis and Synod 2015: A “Humanae Vitae Effect” in the Offing?

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“He said he and his wife were going to be deacons…”

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At Synod’s opening session, evidence of a different dynamic

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Archbishop of Paris at Synod: “If You’re Here Expecting Some Radical Change in Doctrine, You’ll Be Disappointed”

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Little Sisters to Receive Notre Dame Medal For Standing Up Against Obama HHS Mandate

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New Rector appointed to Shrine of Lourdes

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Take a Look at at the New Website for the Catholic Chaplaincy at Lancaster University

Take a look at the Lancaster University Catholic Chaplaincy Website here.

Africa’s Cardinal Robert Sarah set to be a synod protagonist

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Marie Collins, member of pope’s sexual abuse panel, criticizes his response to Chile scandal

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