Supporting the Christians of the Holy Land

The Christian presence in the Holy Land is declining daily. Currently, the Christian community in the Holy Land comprises only two percent of the population. The continued emigration of Palestinian Christians as a result of ongoing instability is having a negative impact on their presence in the land where Jesus was born, crucified and rose from the dead.


Should this trend continue, the Holy Land, shared by millions throughout the world, will become nothing more than a museum, as the “living stones” who represent the Christian presence in the Holy Land cease to exist.

These pages follow the Year of Faith Lancaster Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Apri 2012 and aim to encourage:

  • The raising of awareness of the challenges the Christian community experience in the Holy Land and establishing links there
  • Prayer to be offered for the intentions of the Christians living and working in the Holy Land.
  • The generation and channelling of the financial resources through the Holy Places Collection and other offerings necessary to provide a sustainable future.
  • Visits and pilgrimages to the sites of the Holy Land to meet with local Christians.