Bringing England’s Nazareth to Lancaster!

Bringing England’s Nazareth to Lancaster!

The statue of Our Lady of Walsingham is near completing a two year tour of the Catholic Cathedrals of England.

This is part of a more towards rededicating England as the Dowry of Mary. 

Blessed Mary  reaches out to her children, those whom she loves and are in need of her presence.

She will bless the Cathedral and her children in a special way with her presence from tomorrow 6th  to  Saturday 8th February 2020.

It’s a great  occasion to thank the  Mother of God for her protectective love for England and to give ourselves to her motherly care.

 The Dowry Tour to the Cathedral  6 – 8 February 2020

A wonderful opportunity to pray for the Diocese, England and for the whole world.
Don’t miss out!

“O gracious Lady glory of Jerusalem
Cypress of Sion and joy of Israel
Rose of Jericho and star of Bethlehem
O glorious Lady our asking not repel
In mercy all women ever thou dost excel
Therefore blessed Lady grant thou thy great grace
To all that thee devoutly visit this place. Amen”
15th century ballad of Walsingham by Richard Pynson (the final verse)

                                        Rededication of England as the ‘Dowry of Mary on 29th March 2020…/