Board of Education and Formation


The Diocese of Lancaster Education Service, through the Board of Education and Formation, is committed to education and personal formation in the Faith as a lifelong process. In partnership with parishes, individuals and schools, the Service aims to encourage adult understanding, community growth and spiritual development.

How the Service operates:

The Board of Education and Formation is an agency of the Diocese of Lancaster and works on behalf of and is responsible to the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese. As a diocesan agency its work must be integral to and consistent with the educational mission of the Diocese, approved by the Bishop and Trustees.

The purpose of the Board of Education and Formation is to advise the Bishop and Trustees on strategies and policies relating to education and formation; agree action and oversee the management of the Education Service.

Members of the Board of Education and Formation:

Right Rev P Swarbrick (Bishop of Lancaster); Rev F Olaseni MSP (Chair); Canon L Ruscillo; Rev M Docherty; The Rev K Dorgan, Deacon M Harrison; Deacon John Cliffe, A Goddard, V Ashfield,  C Doyle, Sr E Gilligan, Sr A McDonald, L Lavery, E Sylvester & M Sellick

Minutes Secretary: J Metcalf


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