Useful Information

Our website gives you many opportunities to learn about the Diocese of Lancaster and to use the vast range of resources available here. Communication is a vital part of the Gospel which we proclaim and using the new media gives us a wonderful way to tell you about what we do and plan to do in this Local Church of Lancaster as well as the news of the Universal Church.


Through this website whether you are a visitor to Lancashire or Cumbria interested in the Church of Lancaster, or a parishioner requiring information or advice, you can contact the various diocesan officials, and also discover something of the wide range of work that we do.

As well as learning about the Diocese and its mission there are many links to our partners to enable you to learn more about the Christian faith and those with whom we work closely. One of the wonders of the web is the way in which, with one click, you can connect from one place to another in the world – making us in the Church and wider world into a global village.

Making connections is a key part of the Christian faith, we who believe in God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit are clear that interdependence is very important to us. Hopefully our website will not only allow you to learn about the Diocese and its mission but also encourage connections to be made, at the same time giving us a greater insight into our connectedness as human beings and Catholic Christians.

This site aims to provide you with a wide range of information and news about the Diocese and wider Catholic Church. We hope that you will find our website helpful, interesting and useful and look forward to you returning to us again.