Looking for the Perfect Gift to Give


First, we always need your prayers and support, so please keep us in your daily prayer.

Second, could you volunteer your time and talent to the service of your parish or to the wider Diocese. If you are interested in giving more of your time and talents to build up the Catholic community serving others, then we recommend that in the first instance you contact your local Parish Priest.

Third, please give generously by making a donation to building up the mission of the Diocese. Your contribution will go towards projects helping those in need, strengthening the Church’s mission and providing for the priests and people of the future Catholic Church of Lancashire (North of the Ribble) and Cumbria.
*Please keep especially in mind several evangelization projects being led by the Bishop at this time , through the services of new religious communities coming into the Diocese. These projects really do need your support….please.*

Fourth, leave us a legacy in your will.
If you wish to nominate the Bishop’s evangelization needs, your parish and or other parts of the Diocese as a beneficiary under your will (as a Charity bequests made to the Church will not attract inheritance tax) you may wish to consider the following wording:

“I give to the Lancaster Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust (LRCDT) for the benefit of:

*New Evangelisation initiatives/projects led by the Bishop in the Diocese the sum of …………. (and in words)


*The Parish of………….. the sum of £xxxxxxx (and in words)


*The Sick & Retired Priests Fund the sum of £xxxxxxxx (and in words)


*The Ecclesiastical Education Fund the sum of £xxxxxxxx (and in words)


*For the needs of the Bishop of the Diocese the sum of £xxxxxxxx (and in words)


The General purposes of the Diocese the sum of £xxxxxxxx (and in words)

Select one or more of the above

…free of duty and I declare that the receipt of the Financial Administrator of LRCDTR at the Finance Office, The Pastoral Centre, Balmoral Road, Lancaster, LA1 3BT shall be a good discharge (LRCDTR Charity No. 234331.”

For more information on how to further support the Catholic Diocese of Lancaster, please contact: Bishop Paul Swarbrick of Lancaster at:

The Bishop’s Office
The Pastoral Centre
Balmoral Road